CSC Flyer: a Safe and Healthy Option (A5)

CSC Flyer: a Safe and Healthy Option (Front A5)
CSC Flyer: a Safe and Healthy Option (Back A5)

When politicians do not live up to their responsibility to solve a significant problem for society, citizens must act to show them the way.

We, as a European platform of citizens for just and effective drug policies, propose a system for production, distribution and consumption of cannabis that will.

  • diminish problems and lower police costs
  • encourage cannabis to be used in a responsible way
  • enable authorities to monitor the entire process from cultivation to consumption.

This is the Cannabis Social Club.

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) are non-profit associations that organise the production of a limited amount of cannabis for the personal use of their members, as an alternative to the illegal market. They can be set up in any country where the possession of cannabis for personal use is not penalized. Where possession of cannabis for personal use is not prosecuted, cultivating the amounts that are needed for this use should be tolerated as well.

According to the European Convention on Human Rights, European citizens have the right to form an association for the protection of their interests. When their activities pose no threat to public health or public order, authorities have no right to interfere.

In a CSC, cultivation of cannabis takes place according to health and safety standards. This means no use of chemicals, no electricity theft and reduced fire-risks.

Distribution takes place according to a guiding policy of prevention of irresponsible and problematic use. The whole process is transparent for CSC members and if necessary, for authorities as well.

Successful examples of CSC's currently operate legally in Spain and Belgium.* Their experience can be useful to others who want to contribute to diminish the problems related to cannabis in their country. Any serious proposal to establish a CSC in the EU will be actively supported by ENCOD.

Please contact us for more information.