Mambo Social Club: ’This verdict is turning the clock backwards’



Press release

HASSELT, Belgium– Thursday 11 december the local court of Hasselt ruled in the case against Mambo Social Club. Two board members were acquitted, the president and one of the association’s growers were condemned without sanctions. Mambo Social Club can not agree with this verdict and will appeal. “For sure this is not the end of the story, we keep our faith in the legal apparatus and turn to the court of appeal just like our colleagues at Trekt Uw Plant had to do before us.”

Mambo Social Club: The verdict raises more questions than answers



Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. On 4 February, 2016, the second Cannabis Social Club of Belgium, Mambo Social Club, was acquitted by the Antwerp Court of Appeal of ’incitement to’ or ’facilitation of drug use’, but convicted of possession of cannabis. The judge did not want to go along with the argument of the defense that this cannabis was meant for the personal use of the members of the association, and therefore acquittal would be the only possible conclusion.

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